Why I Started a Finance Blog as a College Student

student typing on keyboard
January 2, 2020

This post explains why I decided to start Flip N' Finances. I did so in order to help spread financial knowledge, document my flipping journey, and to show that financial independence is absolutely achievable for anyone.

At the end of last year, I started this blog and it's been a fantastic experience so far. I've realized that it's quite difficult to get people to actually read your blog at all. But the phrase "Just Keep Swimming" comes to mind. 

I know that over time this blog will grow and be beneficial to many others.

Spread the Knowledge

major goal for this site is to spread financial knowledge to those in need of it, whether young or old. I hope to make finance "cool" among the younger generation, those who would rather buy new, hip items with credit cards instead of putting their money in savings accounts...

The Flipping Journey

Another important reason why I started this blog is to document my Flipping journey from $1 to $1,000,000 in flipping things like cell phones or books. Most people probably would say I'm crazy for trying to take on such a feat, but I think the effect will become exponential eventually down the road. 

It will take years if not decades to accomplish this. However, buying good deals, improving the item, and selling it in a bigger market can make more money than most people know. The idea of flipping houses can be applied to so many other things. Patience and honesty is also key in these areas. Integrity is infinitely more important than making a couple extra bucks. 

Show Financial Independence Can Be Achieved

And finally, the last major benefit of starting this blog in college while I'm still broke is to document my financial journey from start to finish. If I can show that it is possible to make finance worthwhile starting at a young age, then so can other people! On top of documenting my financial journey, I hope to help other people begin and continue their journeys to financial success and freedom.

Even though this journey will take time, patience and diligence is required. It's all about the long-term outlook. Year by year. Month by month. Day to day.