The Beginning of a Journey

mug in nature
July 10, 2020

This is the first post on Flip n Finances and the beginning of flipping my finances. The goal of Flip n Finances is to help others gain financial independence.

There are many great goals in this world. Without goals, and a plan to achieve them, we may wonder what we did with our lives. I have goals for my life: family goals, career goals, spiritual goals, and financial goals.

This blogs purpose is to inspire others to become financially independent and to spread financial wisdom. 

This blog - Flip n Finances - will serve to accomplish that goal. 

Not only that, but I plan on turning $1 into $1 million dollars by simply buying anything and selling it for a profit in return. One item at a time. For example: Purchase a $1 stuffed Pikachu and sell it for $3. And so on and so forth until $1 million. 

Is this a steep goal? I think so. But can it be done? I know so. This blog will keep me accountable, and hopefully I can offer knowledge and inspiration to others who happen to come across this little blog.