The Beginning of a Journey

Eric M.
November 13, 2018

First post ever for Flip N' Finances and the beginning of this financial independence journey.

There are many great goals in this world. Without goals, and a plan to achieve them, we may wonder what we did with our lives. I have goals for my life: family goals, career goals, spiritual goals, and financial goals.

This blogs purpose is to inspire others to become financially independent and to spread financial wisdom. 

This blog - Flip N' Finances - will serve to accomplish that goal. 

Not only that, but I plan on turning $1 into $1 million dollars by simply buying anything and selling it for a profit in return. One item at a time. For example: Purchase a $1 stuffed Pikachu and sell it for $3. And so on and so forth until $1 million. 

Is this a steep goal? I think so. But can it be done? I know so. This blog will keep me accountable, and hopefully I can offer knowledge and inspiration to others who happen to come across this little blog.