The 16 Best Side Hustles You Can Do With a Full-Time Job

Best Side Hustles with a Full Time Job
February 6, 2021

More and more people are getting side hustles on top of their full-time job these days. We put together a list of the 16 best side hustles for you to earn some extra money.

Sometimes your full-time job just isn’t cutting it, especially if you’re just starting out, and you need to put in a little extra time to get the income you need.

However, now more than ever, it's easy to find some part-time work on the side. You can market your skills on the internet and put your skills to good use without it cutting into your busy work schedule.

We’ll go through 16 of the best side hustles for those looking to generate a little extra cash while still hanging on to your full-time job.

1) Freelance Writing

Along the same vein as freelance graphic design, this is for the people that have more of a knack for the written word rather than pictures.

Freelance writing can net you hundreds of dollars every month if you can work fast and have some decent talent to go with it. There are even some people who are full-time freelance writers!

I did freelance writing for a while my freshman year of college and I enjoyed it. I wasn't making a ton of money so that's when I decided to start writing for myself and start my own blog.

Also, once again, being a freelancer means working on your own schedule and you can pick and choose what projects you want to work on. If you enjoy writing about music, sports, or whatever niche topic that interests you, there is likely a writing project just for that.

2) Freelance Graphic Designing

Let’s say your full time job requires a bit of graphic designing knowledge or you are simply just a graphic designer by trade. Companies all over are searching for freelance graphic design work and this is an easy way to make some extra money outside of your usual job.

Sometimes, these graphic designing projects will be much easier than what you have dealt with before and pay pretty well too!

Not to mention, freelancers have all the flexibility in the world in that they can take on whatever projects they want and they can typically name the price they are looking for to work on that project.

3) Create a Blog

Many people create blogs for fun and use it as a way to express their personal interests but there are definitely ways you can make money off of your blog.

There are all sorts of websites you can start a personal blog on like WordPress, SquareSpace, BlueHost, and Webflow (my favorite and the one I use for this blog). Once you set up a blog, try your best to get it out there using social media and a few friends that are willing to get the word out through word of mouth too!

4) Work as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have become more and more popular as jobs are becoming more about using technology to streamline their business practices.

These kinds of assistants need to have strong communication skills and need to be fairly tech savvy as well. However, virtual assistants can get paid very lucrative hourly rates and you won’t even have to worry about commuting to your place of work!

5) Rent Out A Room as an AirBNB

One of the easiest side hustles you can pull off is renting out an extra room as an AirBNB. These are typically much cheaper than hotels and are a great way to stash away some extra funds from travelers who are looking for a cheap place to stay.

Of course, there is some risk in that room getting damaged or the travelers coming in being a bit strange but many people have raved about the success of their AirBNB and there is the possibility of meeting some new friends this way as well.

6) Social Media Management

Surely, you have heard of all kinds of companies clamoring to hire the perfect social media manager that can make a name for them online. Most of the larger companies will want to hire people full-time for this kind of position.

However, some companies can’t afford to put a full-time social media manager on staff and so they will hire a freelancer or someone else to work part-time.

Social media jobs can pay very well and if you have a nose for things like search engine optimization, keywords, and generating post engagement, this field could be a perfect side hustle for you.

7) Teach Online Courses

Websites like Teachable and SkillCrush are bringing in people that are knowledgeable in particular subjects to create online courses on these subjects.

If you are a teacher or are just particularly fond of a certain subject, consider teaching that subject in an online course for a little bump in pay aside from your full-time job.

Usually, websites that sell these online courses are fairly flexible with submitting your video on the subject and the process itself can even be fun if you are really interested in the subject!

8) Teach English

If English is your first language and you enjoy teaching a bit, there are all sorts of programs out there that allow you to teach English to non-native speakers.

Websites of all sorts are out there that hire English speakers to teach the language to others that only require you to have a webcam and a decent internet connection. Also, this can be a very fulfilling side hustle because you are often teaching young children or recent immigrants a whole new language that they are excited to learn.

9) Translate Foreign Languages

People are looking for translators all the time to translate written documentation, audio files, and all kinds of other things. Depending on the language and how much translating you will have to do, the rates for these jobs can be very lucrative.

One of my good friends is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and has been working as a full-time translator for a few years now. He recently started his own translation side hustle and is turning it into a small business. He's working on growing it and it may very well become more lucrative than his full-time job!

Knowing a foreign language is definitely valuable and you can use that experience to certainly make some steady side money. If you speak, Spanish, French, Italian, or other commonly spoken languages, you will probably never run out of translating jobs to find.

10) Online Surveys

If you are one of those people that love filling out surveys and questionnaires, taking paid online surveys is one of the easiest ways to generate some extra cash.

Personally, out of all the survey sites I've used my favorite is Prolific. They have rather high payouts ($8+/hr on average) and some surveys are pretty enjoyable surprisingly. It's actually the only online survey website I use at the moment.

Most of these surveys will only pay a few cents for completing their survey but the surveys themselves take barely any time at all and the more you do, the more the money piles up.

11) Online Bookkeeping

For those that are good with numbers or have a degree in accounting, online bookkeeping is a great way to make plenty of extra money on the side.

Usually, companies will hire you to look over their finances and you will do the basic work that most full-time accountants do for larger companies. More times than not, a smaller company will hire you for an hourly rate and work around your schedule, especially if you already have a full-time position.

12) Proofreading

For all the editors and English majors out there, proofreading is something that can make you solid money on the side just by reading over some various documentation.

You could be proofreading things like webpages, legal documents, transcripts, and much more. Usually, people will pay a fair amount to proofread and edit their documents and, sometimes, you will hardly need to do much more than reading if the document is written well!

13) Transcribe Recordings

This one is a lesser-known side hustle but there are definitely people out there hiring freelancers to transcribe video and audio recordings.

The process can be time-consuming depending on how long the recording is but it is definitely an easy process and usually just involves you typing up a quick word document and specifying who is saying what in the audio or video recordings.

14) Tutoring

Whether it is online or in-person, tutoring is one of those side hustles that almost everyone does at some point in their lives.

If you have some teaching experience or a particular subject you consider yourself an expert in, market yourself as a tutor and see if someone looking to learn a bit is willing to pay for your services.

What’s more is that there are many online tutoring websites you could sign up for and pretty easily get started on doing some video lessons to folks that are looking to learn in your subject.

15) Test Websites

Companies that are just starting out or don’t know much about creating a website will sometimes hire freelancers to test their website and this is an easy way to make a little extra money if you have an eye for detail.

Generally, website testers will go through all the features of a website and give their honest feedback on how well the experience went and where the website can improve.

If you know a decent amount about web design, you will almost certainly get hired for one of these jobs and the hardest part will be simply writing up the review.

16) Get A Part-Time Job

This one may seem a little obvious but of all the ideas on this list, this suggestion is tried and true for a long time.

Work as a server, delivery driver, or anything else that will let you work at night or around your daily work schedule. Plenty of other full-time workers take on a little extra at a part-time place and thrive in the fast-paced environment.

I remember the summer after high school I was looking to save some extra money for college. I was already working full-time at Arby's and decided to get a couple more part-time jobs to supplement the income. I was working 80+ hour weeks and only making minimum wage but the extra cash definitely helped out.


There are tons of side hustles out there where you can make extra money on top of your full-time job. Find ones that you're talented at or enjoy and it's a great way to supplement your income and bring in some more cash.