How to be a Self-Reliant HomeOwner - The Ultimate DIY Guide

A coin with a growing plant in the middle represents progress through being self-reliant and saving little by little.
December 1, 2022

There are many ways to save money every day, especially in the Philippines. Here are three effective ways you can work to become a self-reliant homeowner.

Nothing is cheap these days, especially lately with everything going up in price. If we compare the value of money back in the day, there is a big difference. My father shared with me before that if you have a penny you can buy your food for the whole day, but nowadays it can't buy anything.

But, we have no control over inflation. Instead, we just have to find a way to somehow save on expenses.

There are so many videos on the internet that provide guides and tips on how to save money on household expenses. Videos and self-help guides are great resources no matter where you are in life. When my wife and I were starting out, we didn't know where to get the money to build a house. We had savings but it's not enough because the materials needed are so expensive. So, I thought of a way and the internet was one of the things that helped me.

DIY videos were very popular then and still are. Since I have little skills in how to build things because my grandfather was a carpenter and I see his works. When I was young, I also used to go with house builders, and here I learned a little bit about how to build a house. And that skill was a big help when I built my own house. I didn't have to hire someone to build my house because I did it myself.

If I let someone else who is skilled in building houses do it, I would have spent a lot on labor. Instead, I hired my helper to work with me. Those days were quite long and tiring but it was worth it because I built my own house myself and I didn't spend that much money on labor. That money that should have been on labor was instead used to buy other materials for building our house. 

I went through a difficult time building my house because I did 70% of the work and it was not easy for me because construction is not really my job. There are times when I think about my supposed bad luck in life. I just thought it was a test for me and I made it an inspiration to work harder. After I built the house, I was happy because somehow my wife and future children will be comfortable in this house. It's also something that made me happy because I won't have to think about the monthly apartment payment.

You may not know how to build a house, but I know that you can do a lot to save money. And these things below are the things that you can do and you don't have to hire someone to do the work and you can even save money.

And these are 3 great DIY projects you can do around the house to save even more money and be more self-reliant.

1) Backyard Gardening

If your backyard is wide or you have vacant land where you can grow vegetables, it will be of great benefit to you. You don't have to have a degree to grow plants. So, you can do it. All you have to do is prepare the land to plant, and buy seeds, or if your friend has some, you can ask them for seeds. You don't have to spend a lot. If you have prepared your garden and the seeds you want to plant are ready then you're good to go. Plant it and take care of it while it grows and after a few weeks, you will have free vegetables.

Since my husband and I moved in together, we haven't lost a vegetable plant in our yard. We grow vegetables that are easy to grow. It doesn't interfere with our jobs because we don't need to focus on growing vegetables in the field. This is a big help for us because we don't have to buy them from the market and they are still fresh before cooking.

2) Learn to Repair Broken Household Items

When you know how to fix things that are broken at home, it will help you financially. Just like a broken table, chair, window, and other household items. And of course, if it won't be fixed you will call someone to fix it or else you will throw it away and buy a new one and spend more money on it. There are many DIY videos on youtube or on the internet that can help or guide you in the repair.

If you have a lot of money, of course, you don't need to do these things.
But if you are poor like me and you can do it, why don't we try to repair our things at home, right?

3) Buy Cheap and Durable Appliances at Garage Sales

If anyone is addicted to used appliances at home, it's probably me. Almost all of the appliances we have at home are used. As they say, live according to your expenses so why buy new and very expensive appliances when you can't afford them and you'll just end up in debt. I like used items because they are cheap and have the same function as new ones. If you are saving money, this will also help you a lot.

Money is not always the answer, but we need money to be ready for anything that might happen. Sometimes we just have to use the resources we have to keep going. Yes, you may be short of money and unable to buy the things you want and desire, but if we have patience and diligence, the day will probably come when you will be relieved and get the things you desire. So while we don't have the things we want, let's be patient.

Let's try to push ourselves every day to be a better version of us. Let's dream big and try to reach them. I know there is a better tomorrow waiting for you, don't lose hope.