How Mark Cuban Became a Billionaire

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January 2, 2020

If you are wondering how Mark Cuban become a billionaire, it wasn't by chance. It was much more than that.

There are a few wealthy individuals that I find interest in. People like Warren Buffett, Marcus Lemonis, and Mark Cuban are fascinating in my opinion. One thing is for sure. They all have a knack at making money (thus the wealthy part!). They are all excited, but also quite serious, about earning an above average income.

One person I find particular interest in is notorious billionaire Mark Cuban. Perhaps he isn't exactly notorious, but I think he is pretty awesome! He seems to have an attitude now and again, but man, he is good at what he does. So, down to the topic of how Mr. Mark Cuban actually became a part of BBC (Billionaire Boys Club). In short, it was called, but it is much more than that. Mark Cuban started preparing to become a billionaire at a much younger age.

Mark Cuban's Persevering Work Ethic

As a teenager, Cuban would do things such as sell trash bags door to door (at age 12!). In high school he was a bartender and a disco dance coach as well. And this was just the beginning! In college, Cuban opened his own pub and continued doing other side business gigs. He attended Indiana University, which happens to be a fantastic business school. 

Cuban's first large business, MicroSolutions, was a reseller of software. He sold it for $6,000,000 at age 32 (but this is still far from a billion dollars!).  Cuban's love for the Hoosiers basketball team interested him in a new business venture called Audionet, which would broadcast live games via the Internet. This business soon became to be known as, and Cuban devoted himself to this business. 

Majority of Cuban's Wealth was the largest, live streaming service in its time, and Yahoo! took much interest in it. In 1999, at age 41, Mark Cuban sold Broadcast to Yahoo! for $5.7 billion, becoming part of the BBC.  Did Yahoo! overprice its purchase? I believe so. This acquirement was lucky for Cuban, and poor for Yahoo!. They never did a great job of marketing and many people today have no idea what Yahoo! Broadcast even was.

Even Mark Cuban would say he is the luckiest man alive, but I don't believe it is all luck. From a young age he was able to make money. I believe to make money, you need to be driven, and sometimes a little lucky even. Regardless, working hard never hurt anyone, especially Mark Cuban.