Deal # 1 - First Buy Ever

Tiger Woods video game
July 10, 2020

This is my first buy ever for my goal of turning $1 into $1 million through buying and selling things like books and cell phones for profit.

It has begun. 

Don't all great things have a beginning?

I have officially bought my first item and am now in the process of flipping it. You may wonder what I could possibly have bought for $1. Golf, anyone? That's right, I got a Tiger Woods Wii game and will be selling it on eBay. I'll only make a $1 to $2 profit, but doubling your starting money isn't bad and you gotta start somewhere. So it might as well be here. 

Deal Details

Item: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Wii

Price: $1

Source: Thrift Store (which is the best)

Now, I just have to wait. Below you can see the game I'm talking about. I'm guessing that I'll want to celebrate like Tiger Woods on the game cover once I make my first sale :)