6 Best Reading Lights for Bedroom to Buy in 2022

September 16, 2021

Looking for the best reading lights for your bedroom in 2022? Check out our top 6 reading lights which will save you energy while giving you a comfortable amount of light in your bedroom.

After a long day at work, there nothing as good as ending the day with a good read. As you enjoy the warmth of your comforter and dig into your favorite read for the week, you need to have a warm light to gently light up your bedside without disturbing your partner. Without good lighting, you may struggle finishing up your reading list.

This is why we spent time testing and comparing some of the best reading lights for your bedroom that can brighten up your bedside. These lights are soft enough for your eyes, and you can delve into your latest read without causing eyestrain. In this article, we compare the best rated reading lights for you can buy for your bedroom.

Best Reading Lights for Bedroom Reviews: Top Picks

1. Lysed Gooseneck Bedside Wall Light.

This wall-mounted reading light is ideal if you are looking for a soft light that provides adequate reading in your bedroom. Its three color natural light is easy and comfortable for the eyes, and you can enjoy night time reading without disturbing your partner.

The Lysed reading light uses power-saving LED lights that are both durable and energy efficient. These lights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, and you can be sure that the lights will last for a long time.

This wall-mount light for the bedroom is made using high quality aluminum, and its surface is smooth, non-rusting and corrosion resistant. It measures 11.8 inches, and you can adjust the light in any direction to suit different postures for a comfortable read.

Lysed reading light is easy to install, and you can fix the bracket plate on your bedside and plugin the switch plug into the mains. You can then switch the light on and off from the base.


Easy installation

Natural lighting

Adjustable gooseneck

Soft light for the eyes

Non-rusting material


There are complaints about overheating

The screws are too short for a dry wall

2. Adjustable Wood LED Wall light.

If you have a keen eye for detail, then you will find this light worth a try. It has an antique modern craft wooden lamp holder that is creatively designed with a high quality metal base. The lamp shade is a colorful synthetic material that will add an amazing charm to your bedroom wall.

This reading light for your bedroom is energy efficient and it uses an LED bulb with 6 to 10 watts. You will not only save on energy, but also get tens of thousands of hours of gentle lighting.

The adjustable wood LED wall light is easy to install. It comes with all the accessories you need for the installation and a manual that breaks the step-by-step process of installing this wall light. Once installed, you can adjust it in any direction as you flip through the pages.


Energy saving

Unique design

Easy to install


3. Modern Wall Sconce

If you are looking for a bright reading light that can serve both as a reading light and as the main light, this Modern Wall Sconce is a good pick. It is bright enough to light up the bedroom while being gentle to your eyes. It has a comfortable color temperature of 6000k.

This wall light is made with acrylic and pure aluminum to give an elegant look. These materials are durable, and it will serve you for a long time.

It is easy to install since the wires come pre-connected, and a manual is included in the package. This wall light can be hardwired, surface mounted, or installed using screws depending on what you prefer.

The modern wall sconce has a lifespan of 30,000 hours or more, which is more than what the average LED would typically give you.


Easy to install

Made of high quality materials

Can light up your whole bedroom


Light can only be installed horizontally

4. Viluxy Modern LED wall light

One of the unique features of the Viluxy Modern LED wall light is its adjustable light shade that can be rotated up to 360 degrees. This eases your reading experience since you can rotate it at any angle while flipping your book pages. The milky plastic housing and the 3000k of LED chips help protect your eyes from the harsh glare of light.

This bedroom reading light is designed using rust-free metal and a high quality milk plastic shade. It has a matte color, which makes it stand out nicely.

Viluxy Modern LED wall light has a 2-in-1 design for installation. You can decide to plug it in your socket for quick installation, or hardwire it on your wall for permanent installation.


Energy saving.

Unique rotation.

Installation options.


It is not dimmable.

5. Agese wall mounted reading light

Agese wall mounted reading light has bead lights that protect your eyes from harsh glares while reading. It also has a good LED drive that gives no flick or noise. It has a  color temperature of 3000K warm white that is perfect for your eyes before bed.

This wall-mounted bedroom reading light is made using polished metal with a matte black finish to give it a stylish design. It has a flexible gooseneck that can be adjusted to your desired direction while reading which is nice. It also has a round shaped head.

An additional feature is the on and off switch at the base. This makes it convenient to switch on when you wake up or switch off when you finish reading.

This light not only provides you with the best reading environment but also adds a great vibe to your bedroom. It only uses 3W of power so you can be sure to get a lower power bill in the next billing.


Flexible gooseneck

Its base has a switch. You do not need additional switches.

Comfortable for your eyes.


There is no plate to ensure wires are held in place.

6. Plug in wall Sconce Set of 2

This reading light stands out with its swing arm that serves multiple functions. The plug-in wall sconces have a 270 degree adjustable head that can be rotated to give you the perfect lighting.

It has a beautiful linen shade that disperses light in an elegant way, while making the light soft and comfortable for the eyes. It is designed to bring in a decorative touch to your bedroom. The linen is also durable and of high quality.

This reading light is easy to install as it can be plugged in or hard wired. All the accessories required for the installation process are included in the package.


It brightens up your walls.

It is adjustable according to your needs

Easy installation

Decorative and looks good on the wall.

Does not require additional switches.


Some people have complained of a loose elbow.

FAQs about Reading Lights for Bedroom

Are bedroom reading lights durable?

Most bedroom reading lights are durable and have a lifespan of around 30000 hours. It’s therefore worth the investment.

Are reading lights hard to install?

Bedroom reading lights come with a manual for easy installation. Most reading lights can be installed by plugging in to a power source, or hardwiring it into the wall.

How do I know if a reading light really works before buying?

It is important that you check customer reviews of the bedroom reading light before purchasing it. Most reviews are usually honest and reliable.